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Sequential and Consecutive Barcode Labels
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WePrintBarcodes.com Verification and Guarantee

Our #1 goal at WePrintBarcodes.com is your satisfaction. Our labels are guaranteed unconditionally and we will gladly replace any label that does not scan correctly.

Every label we print is verified as we print it so it's easy for us to maintain this comitment to you. So what does barcode verification mean?

guaranteed-175 (8K)There is a significant difference between barcode verification and barcode scanning. Barcode scanning simply reads the number or code that is encoded in the barcode. Many barcodes that are out of true specifications will still scan on some scanners, however will not scan on others. Simply scanning a barcode with a traditional barcode scanner does not guarantee it is scannable by all scanners.

Barcode Verification is a much more rigorous test of a barcode and actually "grades" the barcode for many variables. Our inline verification equipment verifies each barcode to assure it meets industry specifications

Why is barcode verification important?

Many large retail chains now insist and require vendor barcodes to be within barcode specifications and if found out of specification or if a barcode fails to read will levy substantiable chargebacks on the vendor.

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