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Sequential and Consecutive Barcode Labels
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Barcode Scanners

If your products are barcoded chances are you will need a scanner. We offer both wired and wireless scanners to suit any need and WePrintBarcodes.com scanners are a great value!

Have a question or a special need? Feel free to give us a call. We are the barcode experts.

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Wired USB Scanner
Wired Plug-N-Play USB ScannerPlug it in and start scanning!
Includes Scanner, Cable and Quick Start Guide!
Free Freight!

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Wireless USB Scanner
Wireless USB Plug-N-Play Barcode ScannerCut the Wires and Start Scanning Wireless!
Includes Everything! - Scanner, Receiver, Charging Cable and Quick Start Guide!
Complete System
On Sale
Regularly $269.00

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Wireless Rugged Scanner
Wireless USB Plug-N-Play Barcode ScannerIP54 Rated - Tested with Multiple 6' Drops on Concrete!
Includes Everything! - Scanner, Cradle, Interface Cable and Quick Start Guide!
Complete System
On Sale
Regularly $499.00

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Pocket Size Data Collector
Pocket Size Data CollectorCollect Up To 15,000 Records!
Includes Everything! - Data Collector with Scanner, Cables and Manuals!

Perfect for Asset Tracking Applications

Imagine a Flash Drive with a Laser Scanner!
Complete System
Regularly $249.00

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Pocket Size Companion Scanner
Connects to iPhone and iPadConnects to all Android DevicesConnects to all Bluetooth enabled Window Devices
Bluetooth ConnectivityPocket Size Data CollectorBlueTooth Connectivity to your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Device!
Includes Everything! - Companion Scanner, Cables and Manuals!

Scan all major 1D barcodes directly into your device.
The scanner is extremely small as it fits into a pocket or on a keychain and weighs only one ounce.
Complete System

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